About Madolyn Grove

In 2008 I set off on my mission to promote and create theatre and arts events, eat good food and essentially see every country on earth.

Formerly head of marketing for the Pleasance in London and Edinburgh, Edinburgh Fringe Festival Society performer advice and media marvel, and arts marketer for Black Swan State Theatre Company in Western Australia, I am now managing events for the National Portrait Gallery in London.

This food blog is an offshoot of who I am in the day to day, a hobby, and another facet of my sort of mission.

With a mind full of the London arts world, and a belly full of food from London and further afar, I endeavor to share the things I see, everything I eat, everywhere I've been, what I'm doing, and where I'm going.

Contact me on madolynigrove@gmail.com. I like to hear about new things.

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