Monday, 27 May 2013

Fried Chicken: Converted!

Ok, so Wishbone isn't new news, but it has taken me a while to go to. Opened late last year, Wishbone is the chicken arm of the MeatLiquor, MeatMarket, MeatMansion enterprise.

Following suit; the burgers at Wishbone are dirty, the sides are dirtier and the cocktails are straight up.  I've never been a fan of dirty fried chicken, but I think I can safely say I'm converted.

Wishbone fried chicken is moist and not excessively soppy from the lashings of oil I'm sure it's cooked in. The crumbed batter is crispy and cracks when you bite into it, perfectly.

We went for the mother of all chicken burgers, the Tower Block burger which read like a terrible KFC menu item but instead was self indulgently delicious. The chicken sandwich, a safer order, was also delicious with smokey BBQ mayo and the same excellent chicken.

My top picks from the sides are without a doubt, guaranteed coronary disaster in a package, probably the best fast track to heart disease I've tasted; Hot Mess, was a tower of hash browns smothered in hot sauce and topped with Russian dressing and cheese. The OMG factor of the night however was the deep friend mac and cheese. The crispy little rectangles, when broken in half with a crisp crunch and oozed deliciously terrible molten cheese and macaroni.

Scott Collins, you would have been proud to watch how fast I put it all away.

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