Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bone Daddies

London has done a full circle when it comes to asian street food, specifically ramen. Although this craze feels like the newest, hottest thing lets remember a handful of years ago, before the burger vans, pulled pork, American fast food and small plates craze there was the Asian street food trend steer-head by Wagamamas (of all places!). Wagamamas may now be just another chain restaurant, but ramen is back in full swing in a number of indipendent restaurants popping up around London.

Bone Daddies has just joined Soho's gastronomic scene and is gathering queues for what I can claim is the best ramen I have had in London. The menu offers 8 different kinds of ramen, a variety that its neighbour Tonkotsu lacks. I went for the Tantanmen, which was fragrant, smokey, and almost coconutty. Absolutely delicious! 

Monday, 4 February 2013

About time we went to Bob Bob Ricard

I fell in love on my first visit to Bob Bob Ricard, with it's grandeur, it's art deco and art neavou interior and it's super lux Champaign on demand button.

I can firmly say the Russian and Eastern European with an American flare cuisine that Bob Bob plates up is authentic and delicious. The dishes were rich, flavorsome, and for what is traditionally a very stodgy and full fat style of cooking, everything we ate at Bob Bob tasted expensive. The tartares, both venison and tuna were divine, I recommend these for a melt in your mouth experience, but perhaps even more exciting were the soufflĂ© desserts.

As the vodka continued the flow, and the dishes continued to wow us, we easily decided Bob Bob Ricard was a new favourite in Soho.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cuzco, Peru restaurant recommendation: Fallen Angel

We visited Fallen Angel in Cuzco on a recommendation from a friend of a friend, but this quirky, stylish and at times plain mental restaurant exceeded all our expectations.

The decor is out of this world. You step off the hectic streets of Peru into a weird haven of the bizarre. The walls are sky blue with fluffy white clouds. The tables are bath tubs filled with gold fish and as you walk for room to room you stumble further into this mad world.