Thursday, 7 June 2012

More meat: MEATmarket

Since I still haven't stopped talking about MEATliquor, I thought it was about time I drag a fellow burger junkie to MEATmarket.

MEATmarket is your typical fast food burger joint. Unlike MEATliquor which is as much about the experience as the food, the service and overall atmosphere of MEATmarket was slick and fast, with shiny steel counter tops in a long corridor venue to swiftly move in and out. Not quite an experience, but quirky and fun all the same.

I couldn't bring myself to break away from the Dead Hippie, which brought a freakish amount of happiness to my mouth the first time around, whereas burger junkie number two ordered against my rave review and went for the Black Palace.

The Dead Hippie was almost as good as my first one. Juicy and meaty with lashings of cheese and sauce, just a bit more greasy than MEATliquor's. I've put this down to the fast food nature, straight off the grill, into a bun and wrapped in paper with no time to rest and let just a bit of the excessive fat drip off.

The Black Palace was massive, the bun barely containing it's immense meaty patties. Without the dead hippie sauce the thick double patties made the Black Palace a straight up, fuss free meat lover's dream. If I've not made my point, choose this one for beef!

I'm loving the MEATeasy, MEATliquor, MEATmarket bandwagon, I think I'll stay put for a while. Or at least until a new burger craze surfaces in London to satisfy the cravings.

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